Top ten concerts and live performances

A concert or a live performance is extremely special both for the talent and for the audience. The performer gets to see all of their fans cheering for them and the audience gets to see their favourite artist in the flesh performing right in front of them. But every once in a while you get to see a concert so amazing that you think back to it when you think of the best times of your lives. Here is a list of some of those history defining concert performances.

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience World Tour

Back in 1967, Jimi Hendrix released his debut album Are You Experienced which was met with critical acclaim and then he played over 200 shows to support the album. This genius marketing move and his natural talent and showmanship took both the album and the concerts to a new level of amazing. He played everywhere from theatres to bars and regularly did crazy stunts like setting his guitar on fire (while performing at Monterey Pop Festival).

2. James Brown at Boston Garden

On April 4th Martin Luther King was assassinated and this had caused the entire country to fall into rioting and chaos. James Brown was set to play at Boston Garden on April 5th but the city wanted to cancel all public events because of Martin Luther King’s death. The promoter of the Brown event, a Councilman Thomas Atkins, thought this was a stupid move as it would only lead to more chaos if an event of this magnitude was cancelled, not to mention the fact that cancelling an African American artist’s performance would raise a lot of eyebrows, to say the least. In the end, the event happened and Brown had a masterful control to hold and command a crowd. He was able to turn a potential riot and turn into one amazing climax.

3. Led Zeppelin World Tour

 Led Zeppelin World Tour
Before the eccentric lives of Led Zeppelin members that involved private planes, a lot of drugs and allegations of black magic, they were just four guys trying to make a name for themselves in America. They came to the US in late 1968 right before their debut album LP came out, which is one of the albums you need to own. A month later, they played a mind-boggling four hour set at the Boston Tea Party. They intended to play their usual one hour set but the audience just wouldn’t let them leave. They went to become one of the greatest bands that human history has ever produced.

4. Bob Marley at the Lyceum Theatre, London

Bob Marley played two shows at the Lyceum Theatre in London. These shows weren’t just normal concerts but had helped transcend him from the cult act he was to an international star. These shows cemented his place as a triumphant solo artist for ages to come.

5. Beyoncé Formation Tour

The most recent concert on this list but not any less amazing. Beyonce had a vision of what she wanted and what kind of experience she wanted to give the audience. Four days before the concert she dropped her instant classic song “Lemonade”. Her tour started around the death of Prince and she played “The beautiful ones” honouring the legend and doing it justice. People tout the show as holding up when compared to any show that has ever happened.