Live Music Found in Bars in Italy

Planning, or dreaming, of visiting Italy? If yes, then you’re in for a musical treat.

Even if you’re not the life of the party, you’ll still get a kick out of the endless line-up of entertainment, that can be found everywhere from bars to clubs in the beautiful, majestic country of love.

What music do Italians have to offer you may ask?

Well, if you think the only way their vocal chords can stretch is one note too high, think again. Italians are experts at singing opera, but also many other types of music. Not only are they adequate in genres like jazz, house music and rock, they also enjoy experimenting with different levels of pop and hip-hop.

It’s safe to say that Italy is an all-rounder when it comes to music. The experience you’ll get from entering a new bar every night will astound you. Especially, when it comes to music.

The Best Entertainment Spots for Live Music in Italy

#1 Red Jack

As one of the most popular bars in Italy, more specifically in Fiumicino, Rome, Red Jack is the perfect place to introduce you to the entertainment side of Italian culture.

Now, we know food plays an incredibly significant role in their culture, but so does entertaining guests with other specialities. Open from Thursdays to Sundays; the Red Jack offers the best live music for everyone. Music genres include punk rock, heavy metal, blues, as well as a touch of jazz now and then.
This bar is also considered to have some of the best alcoholic drinks, such as whiskeys and incredibly crafted cocktails.

#2 ConteStaccio

ConteStaccio is a combination bar and restaurant and is considered the perfect option if you want to kick back and enjoy a relaxing dinner, with a drink and live music, which usually starts around 10 pm.

Worried about a restaurant, slash bar, slash live show, being too busy for you? No worries, the venue is divided into four different rooms, and thus allows you to choose your choice of entertainment setting.

#3 Big Mama


Started all the way back in 1984, and well-known as the house of blues, in the heart of Rome, the best blues bands and artists are chosen to perform at Big Mama. All these artists generally have an incredible reputation and even perform rock, jazz and indie on several occasions.

#4 Sinister Noise Club

In the mood for a club, rather than a bar? Well, then Sinister Noise Club is the right place for you. We don’t know, but it must be something about Rome. The club is fit for your perfect martini, cigarette, and the hottest rock and alternative, as well as local and international indie bands in all of Europe.

And, if you’re not a martini man/ woman, their Lazio craft beers are damn fine too.