the quinn~ nutmeg yam cakes topped with melted gruyere & eggs. served with chicken apple sausage & massaged kale. $9

fir street~ vegan cashew gravy over waffle of your choice. served with tempeh & greens. $9

fjord space plate~ your choice of eggs with nisqually smoked salmon, kraut & greens $9

blue mountain~ french toast under a blackberry jam & powdered sugar storm. served with gruyere scrambled eggs & bacon. $9

citizen kapil~ your choice of eggs over fried fennel curry rice with nisqually smoked salmon, red pepper, chevre & cilantro. $9

red house~ vegan fried rice with tempeh, almonds, red pepper & pesto. served with greens & avocado. $8

astoria~ your choice of eggs over parmesan rice with dates & basil. served with avocado & drizzled with roasted red pepper. $8

orik~ fried egg sandwich with roasted red pepper, pesto & smoked gouda. $7

black metal muffin~ fried egg on an english muffin with bacon, chevre & blackberry jam. $7

the sky~ waffle of your choice with blueberries & chevre. served with organic maple syrup. $7

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